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Virus Taxonomy Resources:

Virus Taxonomy Online
The Universal Virus Database of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
Genome Information Broker for Virus genomes
The Big Picture Book of Viruses

GenBank Resources:

Entrez (GeneBank+PIR+Medline) at NCBI
SRS7  (Sequence Retrieval System)  at Sanger Centre - EMBL
DDJB database from japan Patheways Search.

Protein Databases:

SWISS-PROT (amino acid sequences and others)
PIR (Protein Identification Resource) (amino acid sequences and others)
PDB (Protein Data Bank) (three-dimensional structures of proteins)

General Virus Databases:

Retrovirus Resources at NCBI
Viral Bioinformatics Resource covers a range of viruses
Plant Virus Database
WHOs EPR - monitoring of epidemics and pandemics

HIV Databases:

Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database  Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Stanford Drug Resistance Database  - Curated database containing RT and Protease sequences for evolutionary and drug resistance studies.
HIV Protease Database -  Structural database maintained at the NCI devoted to HIV and SIV proteases

HCV Databases:

HCV Sequence database, EBI/France.
HCV sequence server - great resource for HCV sequence data (Japan) 

HBV Databases:

Hepatitis B Virus Database at DNA database of Japan

Influenza Databases:

Flu Database at Los Alamos (private)
Influenza Virus Resource at NCBI
European Scientific Working Group on Influenza
WHOs FluNet

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